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Post  emdojap on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:49 pm

Name: Barry Marksman

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Scruffy dirty blond hair that often falls into his wide cerulean blue eyes, giving him the appearance of a droopy-eyed puppy. His skin is fairly tan from working out in the hot sun a lot. He wears a faded brown tunic with ripped black pants cut off a little above the ankles, and black shoes. He still has the slightly faded scars that run across his back and arms from the beatings he received as a slave. Despite his scrawny, undernourished appearance, he can actually be quite strong, thanks to all the manual labor he’s had to do in his lifetime. Carries a small knife by his side.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, except towards those that he trusts. It takes him a while to warm up to others because of his upbringing but when he does, he is loyal and will fight to the death for you. He tries to stay optimistic and hopeful when the going gets tough, putting on a facade of strength and bravery even when he's feeling afraid inside.

Boat/Ship: Wooden ketch named the Curador

Karma: Neutral

Backstory: Barry was born into a life of poverty. He parents sold him away to work as a deckhand when he was ten, where he was poorly treated by the other workers for the next six years. When the ship he’d been working in became under attack by pirates, he was among the many that were kidnapped and locked away on the pirate ship as a prisoner. Many months passed after that and just as he was beginning to think that he would remain a prisoner forever, a young bounty hunter arrived. She killed the pirate who’d abducted him and freed the prisoners. Having no where else to go and not used to being a free man, he threw himself at his rescuer’s feet and begged her to take him with her, promising protection and servitude. He went with her for somewhere to go. He stayed with her because of his growing trust and friendship in her. Now they travel together on her ship, the Curador, as bounty hunters. He assists her with her hunts, in spite of his preference on leaving the gruesome killings to her, and he looks out for her well being, though he’s come to realize that she’s perfectly capable of doing that on her own. Embarrassingly enough, he usually ends up being the one that needs assistance, mostly during his tried attempts to prove to her that he’s more than capable.

Group: Bounty Hunter (assistant)

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